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We’ve distilled this experience into seven “Life Lessons For Business”, designed to help you take the next step towards exporting success.

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Episode 1: Size Isn’t Everything

When it comes to exporting, we're certain size isn't everything! In this episode of our Life Lessons for Business series, we uncover the top tips for selecting the next country or region to tap into.

Episode 2: Beware of Success

They say prepare for the worst, but sometimes the most ideal situations can act as a learning curve. Our 2nd episode of our Life Lessons for Business series explores how to deal with your business growing too fast.

Episode 3: Piggyback If You Can

Getting help when entering new markets from businesses who are accomplished and established is a smart decision. Watch some of the companies we have helped export talk about how they made use of similar opportunities.

Episode 4: Turn and Face the Strange

Exporting to new markets is a challenge, even more so when you have to acclimatise your business to new cultures and way of doing business. But our advice is; embrace it! In this episode of our Life Lessons for Business series, we share tips and lessons learnt through trading with other countries.

Episode 5: Be the Best of British

Brand Britain is recognised worldwide and has made a real name for itself. Here, we explore how to best utilise this advantage for British businesses when exporting products and services overseas.

Episode 6: Hands on Works Wonders

Sometimes it’s not just enough having people posted in whichever region you are exporting to, sometimes it’s worthwhile going yourself and creating ties with the actual businesses you are working with. This episode showcases why it is better to get down and dirty when doing business.

Episode 7: Be Patient (but not too patient)

Slow and steady wins the race, and the same can be applied to businesses. In our Final Life Lessons for Business episode, we share our experiences of how being hasty and having the wrong expectations can be detrimental to a business doing business overseas.

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